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It sure is a fun game, managed to get all the way to 6 medals.

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This is quite easy game if you write down key information about your game project as you go. Also, you can multiply number of stars of your worker and corresponding hardware (programmer*CPU, Artist*GPU, Designer*Controller) in order to aproximately calculate strong and weak sides of your game (Engine, Graphics and Gameplay correspondingly).

P.S. The game froze when I gained 888 scores of approval.

Yes you understood it perfectly! Thats how the games score is calculated :) Currently the game freezes at the 9th medal (If you manage to make it that far). We have a non-freezing version, which also happens to be harder, on newgrounds, you can find it in the main page of newgrounds or the link below! Currently because we are joining the BTP game jam, we are not updating the itch version for few days.

The game is great! Bugs do tend to show, I was able to get over 1000 points in score somehow, and the last 2 digits didn't show, you could make dificulty modes, as it seemed pretty easy once you get past a difficulty curve, and the game went unresponsive after i had made about 7-9 games.

Thank you for playing, and good job on getting a 4 digit score! :) We see that people are getting higher score more easier currently, as the components can exceed 5 stars (Still very hard tho). :) We have a non-bugged version, (which also makes the game harder) on newgrounds, you can find us in the featured games or the link below. We will have that version ready in our itch page after the BTP game jam is complete.

Thank you for the reply! I am going to play the newgrounds version as the jam version was very good despite being a bit buggy, good luck with future development!

loved the game! any plans for it in the future or ?

Thank you for playing our game!

Currently, we plan to provide some post-jam support for game-breaking bugs. However, depending on the interest these plans can change!

Thats awesome! Sweet let me know if you do make any new ones!


This game is so awesome. I would love to have a download version.

Good job! :)


We will have a downloadable version ready post-jam :)



Nice idea and great the art!
I really like how all the different components let you gain different benefits. Kind of simple but you need a bit of strategy to master it. I like it!